Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Family Memories (with update)

Here it sits, our antique restoration project.
DSC00295 Robbie grew up with this bookcase, housing her doll collection, in the Glendale family home.  Age and a few moves have taken their toll (not only on the bookcase!)
DSC00297 Circa 1900-1910, Globe Wernicke, stackable Barristers Bookcase, solid oak, three high stack, Top and Base sections have a gentle curve design.  All  original hardware and construction
The Base joinery and “glue blocks” have suffered most. Modern wood adhesives and “Re-Engineered glue blocks” should add another 100 years of life.
DSC00295 Top section, no joinery repairs required, cleaning and finish restoration.
DSC00299 Each of the three Book Sections require minor repairs. Mostly cleaning and finish restoration.
DSC00298 Fast Forward a few days ….. the finished bookcase is ready to move into the house.
Nice scale: 49” tall, 34” wide & 12” deep,  just right to display Robbie’s shell collection
A good start but a work in processDSC00406 
Globe-Wernicke (ca. 1900) 
Main plant was at their West Eight Street Works.Globe-Wernicke
Generally, when spoken about as Globe Wernicke, what is/are being referred to are bookcases made for use in offices furniture, though other pieces of furniture were made under this name. 'Globe' was a manufacturer of office furniture which established factories in Britain, France and Germany and in the United States first in Minneapolis which acquired the Wernicke Company in 1899 and changed the name of the company to Globe Wernicke.
It patented what it called the 'elastic bookcases', high quality stacking book shelves, with a standard width of 34 inches, in Oak, Walnut and Mahogany, ( nowadays they would be known as modular bookcases) capable of being adapted to fit together to form a bookcase, which could either be all of the same measurements or which could be re-arranged by the insertion of units of different depths and heights. These glass fronted shelves now are proving to be collectable, desirable and usable antiques - with regularity these bookcases appear in auctions and internet sites and, what originally cost $75 or so will now be sold for $750 or more.bookcase 5up  During World War II the company's business in the US was converted to produce military equipment, as was probably the case in Britain. The company ceased to exist in the 60's in the United Kingdom and on the European continent and, in the US the business contracted and eventually was absorbed into a larger company, Cardinal Brands Inc. Lawrence, Kansas

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