Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I just like buying the tools. (with update)

Spending, months / years away from home, many hobbies/passions take a back-seat. For the past two months, I’ve been working out of our main office in So.Cal., with 1-2 day short haul trips, this allows time in the work-shop.
First, a set of four tables, something simple to brush aside the cobwebs and re-vitalize dormant muscle memory. Three occasional tables, influenced by Mission / Arts & Craft design.  My personal challenge is for style similarity but distinctive designs for each. Design using existing wood supplies, augmented by a few judicious purchases. 
Occasional tables: we need three, not a room architectural statement,  just a practical need.   Here Ethan gives the first table a work out:
Table #2
tb2 and #3 (not quite finished.. slow day for puns)
DSC00279 Euphemistically termed a “coffee table”, we need but one.  Last year in France, inspiration from furniture  in Bruno’s office, I shall incorporate this detail…….
The granite in Roger’s office is too cold.

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Robin said...

What a treat to see Ethan! the tables aren't bad either.