Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hand Painted Tranquility

Exquisitely painted scenes of a by-gone era: Emperor Yong Zheng. Qing dynasty 1722-1735
圍棋 wei gi … an afternoon game of “Go”  The game progress in this set of three cups (三個茶杯)
cup3 After Go … tea
cupa4TI only wish these cups were made in the reign of Yong Zheng.      13th. December, 1678 until 8th. October, 1735. At 44 years old he ascended the Imperial Dragon Throne in 1722, dying just before his 58th birthday.
cuppaint Da(1) Qing(2) Yong (3)Zheng(4) Nian(5) Zhi(6)
NOTE: Chinese characters in this example are written and read in numerical order 1-6.  The calligraphy styles will vary over the centuries.
1 “Da” means GREAT, usually the first character in Qing marked pieces
2 “Qing” delineates the dynasty (Qing –Ming)
3-4 “Yong” “ Zheng” delineates in two characters the emperor’s title during his reign
5-6 “Nian” “ Zhi” delineates (5)“period / year”  (6)“make / manufacture”, normally the last two characters.

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