Friday, June 26, 2009

Uncovered time Capsule

My friend Terry unearthed this trophy of a time passed, a tin of tea (empty), LIPTON’S TEA.  (from his parents basement). proclaiming to be:

THE MOST DELICIOUS THE WORLD PRODUCES.DSC00207 DSC00209 Tin measures: 85 mm square by 105 mm tall. This small time capsule, contained another treasure, a hand made; Tea Infuser.   DSC00208 Many thx to Terry for gifting me his find.   Preliminary research dates the Tin to: 1920’s-30’s. Unfortunately, Terry’s find has no outer label of any kind.

As found on ebay:  ANTIQUE LIPTON'S TEA TIN - 1929

This is one of the TINS that were FOUND when A WALL in an OLD HOUSE was being demolished!  AMAZINGLY, the PAPER LABEL is STILL AROUND THE OUTSIDE, it is brittle, but it is VERY READABLE.  This TIN was PRODUCED IN 1929. The TOP of the lid reads "LIPTON'S TEA  THE MOST DELICIOUS THE WORLD PRODUCES".  The BOTTOM reads "LIPTON TEA PLANTER CEYLON".


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