Thursday, May 14, 2009

Out, out, brief candle!

A flickering flame, alluring, hypnotic, but all too brief. (time at home)
robbielight2 Four full weekends at home, a record amount of time spent at home in the past few years.
A short, mid week, trip to San Francisco, then next week its: Japan / Hong Kong / Dongguan.

Sean graduates on June 14th, so I will be home for that.
About a year since I’ve been in Dongguan, I plan to meet up with friends and buy more tea and stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Just checking up on your blog...... Dongguan....Hmmmmm.. I sort of miss that place a little. I guess mainly the friends that I made while living there.

I am jealous of you. You have been to the places I have lived in recent years (i.e. DG & CO) more and sooner than I have had a chance.

Enjoy your time, the teas, and friends.

Safe travels as always.


謏 約翰 said...

Hi Rick, is the family still up north? Sometimes I feel like the; hamster in the wheel, only a big wheel, with friends popping in for a spin. john

Robin said...

My dear, even though I have been underwater for literally hours the past four weeks, I have totally enjoyed having you home in the nest!!!
From your birdy Robbie