Monday, April 13, 2009

Boulder Tea House - Ku Cha

It’s unfair to compare a; Chinese Tea House facsimile in America, with those frequented in China. In Boulder CO, on 13th. Street and Pearl is Ku Cha. A decent attempt at providing a window into the “world of tea”.
Unfortunately, the collage student behind the counter, lacked the social skills to use the Kung Fu tea set in the store .. so I purchased some TGY, to test.I’ll go back another day and talk with owner and see if I can establish a relationship.


Sean McMunn said...

nice display shelf

Robin said...

My $ on you dear, re. establish relationship.

meow said...

what is a kung fu tea set? any pictures? sounds interesting

小 約翰 said...

link to Kung Fu Cha info:
or, Sort my blog by Kung Fu Cha labels