Monday, March 02, 2009

King Wah

Home, great place to live, but I only got a weekend pass.
Colorado, a great, place to visit, but! “Enough is enough, already.

Monday, back on the; Pony Express, Denver bound.

Pu-erh and TGY, safely pass the,” Eagle Eyed”, TSA inspectors.
“No it’s not Tar Heroine" and "Yes, it’s a Green leafed, but it’s not for smoking!"
This should prove to be a better trip. (No pun)

Last two weeks were spent training the staff at our “Home away from Home” restaurant.
Fortunately our waitress is from; Guangzhou, so we are able to get; “Off the Menu” dishes served family style.
Not a common practice in Cattle/Farm country, with set meals, made easy for the adventurous Cowpokes.

This week I plan to set up for; Kung-Fu Cha after our meals.
Let’s see how the owner embraces this idea... Update and pictures later this week.

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Robin said...

So glad to know you got past all of those eagle eye octogenarians. Good luck with the retraining for Cha your way. Love ya me