Monday, December 29, 2008

"Wing Hop Fung" --- "Together Forever Prosper"

Wing Hop Fung: "Together Forever Prosper,"
In Southern California .. we are lucky to have a good sources of "Mainland China" products available, at very reasonable prices. One source is: Wing Hop Fung, with two stores near downtown LA ..
Also On-Line at:
On Sunday Robbie and I visited the store in Monterey Park. This location is just like being in Dongguan (except for the cars in the parking lot) A highly ethnic Chinese population, awash in great stores and restaurants ..

Some of the Yi Xing pots on offer:

They also have a comprehensive selection of "quality" teas .. we left with about $80.00 worth of booty.

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Sean McMunn said...

Thats a fair amount of pots