Thursday, October 02, 2008

Autumnal equinox has passed:......

Autumn filters into the Loiret district, Loire Valley of central France. .
Arriving early Wednesday morning to an overcast gray day in Paris, giving way to a sunny windy afternoon in Combreux.
Leaves are on the turn at the "Auberge de Combreux" (Inn of Combreux)

Thursday morning; blue skies with wind blown white clouds:....
First order of business: .. set up for tea in my temp. office, Taiwan, late 2007, high mountain Oolong is on the menu.

The small white kettle is borrowed from Roger ..


robin said...

Good to be all caught up on the blog reading, viewing. The colors are beautiful and that is a great pix of wind blown, it tree makes it.
Ed hasn't gotten over to paint yet. I hope to grab him this AM, wish me luck.
Talk to you latter
Love ya me

Sean McMunn said...

Good to see everything going well dad