Tuesday, October 07, 2008

An Englishman, an Italian & a Swede went into ......

Actually: three Englishmen, an Englishwoman, an Italian, a Swede and a Scotsman, were in the book store .. Spending a great deal of time in airports and at 30k feet, I read more than my share .. for me whodunits/mystery type stories provide chewing gum for the mind.
My present PILE of novels: Silks; by Dick and Felix Francis (Two Englishmen) Very enjoyable .. like a comfortable sweater

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo; by Stieg Larsson (Swede)
Interesting, my first mystery by a Swede, great main characters, well developed easy to identify with .. a little weak towards the end .. overall a good read.

Merde Happens; by Stephen Clarke (3rd. Englishman) With Merde in the title, that says it all.
The Shape of Water & The Terracotta Dog; by Andrea Camilleri (Italian)
Both, most enjoyable, fun cast of personalities, well developed with interesting back stories
Exit Music; by Ian Rankin (Scot) GREAT (all of his stuff)

The Lighthouse; by P.D. James: GREAT, be prepared to have your lexicon taxed.

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