Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hong Kong- quick note JW Marriott Club

Into Hong Kong May 23rd.
When in HK Island I stay at the JW Marriott, great location, right at Admiralty station.
Long story short .. New addition in the club lounge, they provide small Kung Fu Cha sets and a couple of teas.
Lemon Grass and Po-Li (Pu-erh) .. How civilized is that ?
Some samples ready to taste.Personal use set-up....
Jar of Po Li (aka Pu-erh)

Back in So. Cal.

Made it back to Southern California on Thursday 5/24.
Had a great time with family and friends over the Memorial Day holiday ....
Today, 5/29. I'm back in the office .. so a few days to catch up and I'll get some new posts going.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Some Pu-erh on display

Probably my last post until I get back to US on Thursday 5/24.
I'll be in Chang Ping all day Tuesday and into Hong Kong Wednesday.
Some pics to help plan next months purchases.
Middle shelf has a small selection of Men Hai loose tea ranging from; 3yrs to 8yrsGood selection of teas on display ..

Pu-erh price update

In January this year I purchased these 3 cakes (sanbing 餅)
Weight(s): 357gms. each
Price(s) 300¥ (RMB, yuan 元) each.
Selling price, May 2007 600 ¥ (RMB, yuan 元)
The commemorative Twin Golden Dragon Seal Package.
From the: First Yunnan International Pu'er Tea Expostrade Fair;
September, 22nd. -26th. 2006
Seven Cakes at 150g each.
I purchased two of these presentation sets in December 2006, for 900¥ (RMB, yuan 元) each.
Selling price: May 2007: 3,000¥ (RMB, yuan 元), should have bought more !!!

Update on 2007 Meng Hai

Here are some additional pictures of 2.5kg Meng Hai presentation raw, 团(Tuan-Cha)
Pressed: 8th. April, 2007.
Weight 2,500 grams. (2.5kg), April 2007 price; 9,600¥ (RMB, yuan 元)
Packaging includes a plethora of documentation including a story book.Comes with any number of Gold cloths and a bag as big as a pillow case.

First time I've seen a CD included with Tea ....

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Expensive 昂贵 5/20 Correction

I originally posed weight as 1kg .. SHOULD BE 2.5kg .. sorry!
Expensive, 2007 presentation,Meng Hai, raw, Sphere/Dumpling shaped 团(Tuan-Cha)
Rick, Paulo and myself were preoccupied chatting and enjoying tea, I never noticed Mrs. Yang was busy setting a new addition to the Pu-erh on display ..
Beautiful presentation .. I'll be back to investigate (buy???) this tea when I have a little more time.
Expensive .. yes ..(not 1kg) 2.5kg .. 9,600¥ (RMB, yuan 元)

Meeting up with Rick

My friend Rick, from Colorado, now living in Thailand with his wife and one year old daughter, working in Dongguan China .. we met up in the city and had a great day, starting with tea.
No points for spotting Rick in the picture ...DSC03122 My friend Palao (white shirt), Li Hong serving tea, Mrs. Yang’s niece shares a cup.
Mrs. Yang .. (nickname--茶老闆 chá lǎobǎn  “Tea Boss”)DSC03120

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Buddha: Tea Table

Courtesy of a friend, this Happy Buddha tea table will be coming to a home near you .. soonHolding a large gold ingot, a very popular symbol in Chinese culture, believed to bring wealth and riches to a household
The Happy Buddha, also called "Laughing Buddha" stands for prosperity, happiness, and longevity. Balinese people also believe that rubbing his belly will bring good luck and prosperity.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Home and Abroad Song Shan Lake

Home: California:
On the home front; Robbie flew back on Sunday, from No. Cal., after spending time with Sean and Eve. With my return on 5/24, looks like we can have a clan gathering for “Memorial Day” weekend.
Abroad, Dongguan China:
Out around Song Shan Lake, the developers are building one of the water front phases.
I hope when finished, it looks as good as the artist’s renderings.
Focal feature at north end:

Concrete structure behind the facade.Plans for leisure sailing, this is a picture perfect location, winds might be a little on the light side.
Work continues after the heavy rains .. we are now in the long dry/hot season
Overall view of lake front development.
Interesting adaptation to one of the lake fishing boats, a dredger/drilling barge

Monday, May 14, 2007

Tea Time: 茶 時 間 – Continued 連綿

Another Short Story:

Continuing on from my previous granny Jamison story …. Ceylon & Darjeeling tea, were the omnipresent beverages, breakfast to supper. The all day presence of tea was social and that’s just the way it was.

Her home was a; Back to Back, kitchen (oven) and living room fireplace. For the uninitiated: a kitchen with an oven back-to-back with the fireplace in the adjoining main room.

The fireplace was huge. The grate was about two feet wide holding two pails of coal with ease. This fire never went out at night it was dampened down and left. In the morning it only needed a poke and a draught and it would offer up a roaring fire. This of course was the main means of heat for cooking, hot water and general house heat.

Hinged on either side were two grids on which the kettle and or pot would be set to boil. At the back of the fireplace was the oven, heated by the large fire which could be drawn under by adjusting the damper. The oven, sometimes called a "range", was a gleaming monster, black-leaded in parts, polished with steel-wool in other parts.

I remember my granny used a preparation in a striped tin called "Zebo", when she cleaned the range. The fireplace mantelshelf displayed brass candlesticks and various objects of fascination.

Away from direct heat, sitting on the sideboard, sat the locked tea caddy. In front of the fire was a large gleaming brass fender and at the right side, a well-used companion set, (poker, tongs, brush, a toasting fork).

The toasting fork was a much used tool and source of entertainment (NO TV), making toast. Fresh baked bread, thick hand sliced, toasted to perfection and a nice cuppa, life is good.

I spent my summer holidays at my granny’s home. Most mornings I’d walk up to my uncle Bob’s and off we’d go to one of the various farms he had contracted with. A farm hands breakfast to start a day, perfection. Nothing will ever come close to eggs just laid, milk seconds from the cow and fresh cream for your tea.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Update on Loose Pu-erh

Meng Hai factory: 3 year old and 7 year old cooked, Pu-erh, tea.
勐 海 廠 (厂): 三 年 並且 七年, 熟普洱, 茶
Packaged in high quality tea bag, low vacuum, just enough to maintain form.
This packaging is ideal if you’re on the move or extended stay in hotel etc.
The 3yr old is proving to be a very enjoyable daily drink.
Tea is robust, tolerant of water temp ranges and infusion times. Supporting consistent brews with smooth flavours, no negative features, other than number of infusions (4-5)

After researching (3 hrs of tasting) the available loose Pu-erh with Mrs. Yang,
I picked a 3.5 Kg. Box of Meng Hai, 8 year old raw pu-erh tea. 勐海 廠: 八年, 生 普洱, 茶
Last One !!! (1,800¥ RMB, yuan 元) Marked as Fit for the Palace / Emperor.

We opened the box, inspected the contents, all looked great, I’ll save this until I get home

Chinese Fire Drill – Literally.

Sunday morning and the local Fire Brigade (huo da dui) 火大隊
Roll out their Fire Engines (xiao fang che) 消防車
For a Fire Prevention (xiao fang) 消防 Practice (lian)

Friday, May 11, 2007

quick notes. Hong Kong Pipers

Very busy past couple of weeks, in and out of Hong Kong and all over Guandong province. So this weekend plan is to relax and catch up on my backlog of reports.

Robin is driving up to see Sean in St.Helena (Napa Valley). She detoured to spend some time in Yosemite Nat. park and go through the Gold Country. .. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Last Wed. I had a meeting at the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong. What a way to make an entrance. Just as I arrived a pipe band was marching into the hotel, so I saw it as my national duty to march in with them. (I'm sure my Hawaiian shirt blended in)
Sorry for poor quality Pic. .. Cell Phone.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

One more teapot !!

Sean, I got this; teapot and tray, for you to use up at PUC.
Hope to see you this summer …
You need new cups to go with a new teapot

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Loose Pu-erh

As May Day Golden week was looming, and my supply of Pur-erh running low, I ran over to Dongguan city and picked up some loose Pu-erh from Mrs. Yang.

NB: shopping during; May 1st. and 2nd., is a full contact sport, not for the faint of heart.
Package with low vacuum, just enough to maintain form.
Open package and disgorge contents, simple.

On my next visit I’ll find out more about this particular Pu-erh. The ease of use is certainly attractive.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dragon Head Tea Scoop(s)

Dragon Head Tea Scoop: Long tou cha shao zi, 龍 頭 茶 勺子
I picked up 4 of these beautiful hand carved tea scoops in Hong Kong/Kowloon)
(Kowloon, Harbour shopping center at the intersection of; Canton Road and Haiphong Road)
The higher end tea accessories tent to be found outside the mainland.
Taiwan is a great source for extremely well sculpted and fabricated, wood/bamboo, tea related paraphernalia.
Two of the four ...
Artist signature on back of each scoop ...