Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Black Tea with Milk/Cream–re-blog

Ceylon – Darjeeling black tea….
My granny (maternal grandmother) Goddess of all things tea!

There is NO debate, there is only “The” way to have milk in tea. Milk in LAST!
All must be made ready:  
Milk in Last! Milk or cream must be added in a specific manner.
Infused tea is poured into the cup.
A tea spoon is placed into the infused tea, this draws some of the heat. The spoon is pulled out with only 1/4 of the spoon-bowl immersed, back facing up. DSC03049
The milk is then slowly pored over the spoon bowl and allowed to fuse with the tea. DSC03050
This method introduces the cold milk to the hot tea with no ill effects (on the milk/cream).
Adding sugar, well we won’t even go there!

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