Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Somewhere in the middle of Sichuan

Near Chengdu, Qiong lai, Once you see one "Replica Ancient Town" you've seen about all they have to offer. Mostly a place for locals to meet and sell to visitors.  This is in a remote area so locals can also stock up on basic supplies and household goods

 A hotel, about RMB130 a night

 Mid-Week, in the off season, so not very busy

A Gift from Yunnan

My friend Gavin stopped by to deliver sample parts and a most welcome gift .
Pu-Er Tea, vintage December 2008:
The visual appearance is first rate:  Later we will; 泡茶 make tea

Monday, September 14, 2015

4 of 3

The Three Stooges as the Windbags, billed themselves as the worlds smallest Quartet .. Now we have the Fourth book in a trilogy.   
" anticipation was greater than the realization"  
For me this is sadly the case ..

Given a golden portfolio of fantastic fictional characters, what could go wrong?
Well, “ therein lies the rub “ turning promise into a broken contract.

Mr. Lagercrantz failed to nurture what Stieg Larsson left.

The new characters lack depth and credibility, old friends were badly mistreated.

A thin plot, further diluted forging a hook for a fifth book.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Home Cooking

Girls from the office prep a home meal.

Comfort Food

Shihong town, home style cooking

River walk in Sichuan

Evening in Shihong town:

New Eatery

Large investment in a new unique restaurant in Chang Ping Town. Lunch with friends.
Food is Chinese .. decore pulls heavily from Japan .

Street Food -- Night Fare

As night creeps in .. the Night Owls ply their trade

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Street Food .. Chang Ping Town

Small minimalist enterprises set up to cook early morning food.
I walk along heading to the bus stop, the #4 bus takes us into central Chang Ping.