Friday, August 08, 2014

August – Death of a Tea-Cake

Manufacturer: Guang Feng Ning-er Tea … Tea source info: “Yunnan Menghai tea trees, selection of raw materials, Yunnan big leaves drying green Maocha, contributed to a modest artificial fermentation system ripe cake! Soup red, bright yellow, mellow taste sweet, Chen Yue Xiang of features, its wonderful creation of nature, to have a charm”

Packaging manufacturer details:  NAME: High long-fiber products Weifang Jie Technology Co., Ltd.  LOCATION: Weifang City, Shandong Province Linqu Dongcheng Subdistrict cow mountain.  DESCRIPTION: 1 food paper packaging food packaging (Ⅲ type common food packaging)

aug tea (1001x1024) 

This is a new tea for me, a gift from a friend in Chang Ping back in 2013.   A pristine “inner ticket” .. not imbedded into the cake surface .. the ticket, a little large, is a reduced pictorial representation of the outer wrapper .. both of these plus the “machine / pressing” of cake are a little off.  The cake has the edge shape of a stone mould, not the usual machine mould vertical edge.  So far, I get the feeling this cake of Shu Pu is not what it should be.aug tea2 (1024x614) (2)aug tea3   I opened and separated some tea to make an infusion.  Again a few items did not ring true when inspecting the cake composition.  A few too many inconsistences in the layering.  On to the “Proof of the pudding” .. Everything about this brew missed the mark: colour too dark, flavor more Sheng than Shu, sour aftertaste.  Just too many negative points so I’m going to vote this off the stack.

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