Friday, August 30, 2013

Hello my “little” friends

Surgery on Thursday to remove the 4 screws from my healed hip:  11 cm long  (4.375”) long .. They were protruding from the bone 4.5 cm and needed to come out. All is looking great post surgery.

The screws, cleaned and sterilized  .. destined to used in a future chair build !!!screws

Bottom picture (Six months ago) they are only protruding  a few millimeters, 12 days post surgery.

DSC05325 (1279x1280)

More flooding in Chang Ping town after I leave

A-Jing send a couple of pictures the day after I went into Hong Kongajfaajfaajfb

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nice day for a bus ride @ 35,000 feet

A, beautiful morning in Hong Kong.  An easy drive from Hyatt in TST over to HK International.  Relaxing in the Cathay Club.  A very busy time planed on this short trip home. Next stop LAX.

Travel Update after two months in China

Two months in ShenZhen and Dongguan City districts .. with many many travel days in the mainland, we start leg 2, Tuesday 27th.,  beautiful day in Chang Ping town and Hong Kong.

Flight to LAX Wed. morning:…. Leg 3 starts in 16 short days.Capture1

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dinner at home .. Family style

Nothing beats a home cooked meal .. Matt  / A-Jing / A-Fen / Ma Maajh8 You don’t meet these 3 guys at night: ….ajh7Who’s got the best haircut .. Matt comes in 2nd in a two man race .. LOL

6:37 am Friday Morning .. Fireworks and smoke

Unbelievable explosions .. and smoke, as the evil sprits are exorcised

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A little rain through the night: 6 extra hours to the office

Last night we had the storm to beat all storms. Unbelievable thunder and lightening.  Pictures from A-Jing as he drove to our apartment and on the way to the various factories:  Huang Jiang – Chang Ping – Heng Li – Shi Jie

Saturday; 17th. August  2013 .