Monday, July 01, 2013

July - Aug.- Sept.- October, around the world Twice.

Not up to Phileas Fogg’s standard of 80 days, it will take me 106 days.

With a new company and multiple new products to launch on three continents, this summer will be a tad busy.

Travel plans include 7 international airlines and look like this:

Los Angles to Hong Kong into Mainland .. July 3th.

Hong Kong to to Los Angles to Las Vegas. .. Sep. 15th.

Las Vegas to Los Angles to Birmingham. .. Sep. 22nd

Birmingham to Dubai to Hong Kong into Mainland ..Oct 1

Hong Kong to Tokyo to Los Angles to Home and family….. October 16th.

July and August will be spent crisscrossing China .. more adventures with a few million close friends. .. Might arrange a few days jaunt to Australia TBD.

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