Sunday, June 23, 2013

Custom Doors – Cupboard Matching Pair

A set of custom doors.. Solid Oak Rails and Stiles with Cabinet grade Oak plywood for the inset panel.  Overall dimensions: 22” wide x 35 1/2” – 1” x 3” Rails & Stiles, inset panel 0.200” thick – inset 1/2” on all four side.

Pocket Hole joining is a well tried and tested system, ideal for internal cupboard doors of this size.  Glue and screw .. Golden Rule .. Clamps and More Camps before sending the screws home. TIP: on hardwood use “Fine” screws and soap the threads and HAND tighten !! The setup to joint the Hinge Rail to the Top and Bottom Stiles. The black clamps are specific to holding Pocket Screw joints .. Clamping the rails and stiles flat to bench .. provides the best option for flat and tight joints.  This dry fit sorts out the show faces and best figure match. Just holding the open end of the stiles flat. Two sets of door components are routed for the inset panels.  Always identify the parts as to loading in the router !!!!  The stiles have a through dado, while the rails have a top and bottom stop dado. Two passes with an 1/8” edge banding bit .. gives me a 0.210” slot .. perfect for the 0.200” panels. End of part one ..  Tomorrow we build the doors and probably a couple coats of clear stain on the red oak just to even out the body grain and enhance the figure.

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