Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Tea Storage … Straight forward guidelines–Part two

An early day in the tea room.earlydays2New table and re-located .. much improved.  Yes it’s a Mamiya 645 Roll Film Camera, 30+ years of serviceearlydays3 Location for Long term Storage: Under the stairs to the 2nd. story. Making use of 4 internal walls. Easy access, has minimal environmental swings. I also use the inside corner walls of the team room for long term storage.room2

Tea Caddie for every day use, holds one cake with ease  In daily use at the tea table. Short term storage for loose Pu-Erh tea. Dispensed from Tea Chest into Caddies of various capacity. The Tea Chest will go back into long term storage.loosestor Working tea shop in Dongguan City China, Mrs. Yang’s two nieces wait for lunch.  Pu-Erh storage, my model for long term storage.  Loose Pu-Erh, stored in cloth bags .. Long term commercial use. In Cha Shan town, Guangdong province China

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