Saturday, May 11, 2013

More hurry less speed

Friday Noon, my contractor finished his work and the shop is now ready:  A reminder; time and tide tarry for no man … on to work.time The key in refinishing a table top is to make progress slowly. Using my downtime I’ve rendered and sketched a Japanese style lamp for the tea room: jalatr You can buy a wide range of similar lamps online, cost: $35-$63.  But I can build it for at least 3-4 times that cost .. LOL .. but true. Straight Grain Maple or Hickory..

First, complete the refurbishment of the Tea Table.  With the old finish removed and the sharp edges softened, I can step through the grades and ready the top for application of the finish.   This is the Staining step … Two coast of: Natural with 5% Dark Walnut .. The rest of the table is 100% Natural stain to help seal the grain.  24Hr dry time .. So this time Sunday its game on. With no tea table .. I’m using a Press and a small thermos to make tea.  I need the thermos to carry the tea .. still a monopod …. Tea room sans the table: ….

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