Sunday, May 05, 2013

Hip Recovery / Rehabilitation Tea Table

With restrictions on weight bearing and overall lack of mobility, I have to limit the projects that I can take on.  My Tea Table .. (Cha Ji) is working well. With a little over 3 years of use the top requires to be reconditioned.

Initial surface finish was a light coat of; Shellac.  This let me observe the ware and use patterns over time.  Fortunately this was limited to tea spill stains and sun bleaching.

This weekend Andrew set up the Tea Table on saw-horses that allowed me access to work on it.  Not an ideal setup but functional for a monopod. Also my workshop is out of order due to some minor construction in the back half.  Initial prep work is complete .. Easing the corners with a 1/2” round-over bit some hand blending, stripping the old finish and sanding with medium grades.Now I’m ready for final surface preparation .. Fine sanding and scraping .. then application of; what I hope is my long term finish.Normally I prefer a Japanese influence of sharper edges on furniture.  But, as we have a little one, best I soften sharp edges etc.  More in Part B

One More item to literally work on:  My 1984 Team USA Olympic Road Bike by Ben Serrotta.  This bike was not raced in 84 but carried as a spare .. re-painted and sold commercially.  Once I’ve figured how to mount and dismount with “one functioning leg”  it will be my main recovery vehicle .

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