Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bicycle accident humor

I wish the road I hit had taken the break and not me: ….  (web pic)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Jean’s first trip to the Bike store: A cunning plan

The next 5+ weeks are still  at Defcon 2, NO LOAD on my left leg. So to be ambulatory, a walking aid is required… after a trip with Jean to the local bike store we are fitted out with Yellow Bar Tape .. and Ye Olde Nantucket Bike Basket. (Made in China)DSC05327 (1091x1280)DSC05328 (1280x988)Jean checks out a potential ride:….

photo (11)For $3,500 we could get this dual suspension bike:   photo (12)

Monday, March 25, 2013

The UN-Bucket List

Through popular movie media the “Buck List” has become an very day part of speech when referring to “Fun” things to do .. No I don’t have such a list.

BUT!  I’ve started an UN-Bucket List: stuff you'd like to UN-Do.

Monday, 3/18 .. beautiful mid day bicycle ride, 7 miles straight uphill to my sons home.  Mid afternoon about 4:30ish .. It’s an all downhill ride home.

HERE are a couple of Pictures from that epic ride:

ER X-Ray at 5:13pm Monday .. Left Hip Dislocated and Femoral neck fracture (sometimes Neck of Femur (NOF), subcapital, or intracapsular fracture)DSC05326 (1280x1043)24 hrs and 10 min later we have Pinned (4 pins) and properly located left hipDSC05325 (1279x1280) So now its 6 weeks of NO load on my left leg/hip.  I’ll be the One-Legged squat champion after this.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A welcome repose (day 2)

Sunday about 11:00am, Tea break time. Progress being made.DSC05318 (1280x960)DSC05320 (1280x960)Fast-forward a few hours, 9:00pm: Assembly complete, ready for an in situ fittingDSC05322 (1280x960) (1280x960)Time to call it a day.DSC05324 (1280x960)

It’s the weekend and “Stuff” happens:     About noon, a friend called in need of help with some; structural framing and repairs to a French Door Jamb.  He e-mailed these pictures, so about 5:00 pm I went to see the damage and establish a repair plan:….image (1)imageimage (2)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oak, Red Oak; a welcome repose (day 1)

Saturday Morning in So.Cal. With lumber purchased, the Stand is afoot.  A new project for a new home:….DSC05313 (1280x792)DSC05314 (1280x960)DSC05316 (1280x960)

It’s 1:00pm .. 2nd. Tea break of the day .. Much progress: Most of the main sizing is completed, Joinery is established and some preliminary Fitting is in process.

Almost 5:00pm .. Tomorrow is another Day:……DSC05317 (1280x960)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My first Blog Post

This is me with my Mom  .. I had to take a nap after lunch:photo (6) (1121x1280)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Uncle Andrew, gets a Merit Badge

Uncle Andrew gets checked-off as an official feeder .. now he’s on call 24-7DSC05312Sara and Jean stop by to visit Andrew .. nice So. Cal. spring day in the 80s DSC05307DSC05309

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

26 miles across the sea to Santa Catalina

In the words of the 50’s song:imageLooking out from; Corona del Mar, we can see the South End of Santa Catalina: perhaps a little more than 26 miles. A beautiful So. Cal. morning (7:30 ish)1scislandDSC05290Looking south, Little Corona beach below. A place with deep routed memories: …..DSC05300DSC05306

Saturday, March 02, 2013

New Tea Pots

Getting home late Thursday night (2/27) with my China SWAG. Thursday it was off to see Jean.

So by; 3/2/13, Saturday morning I had pressed my pots into service.  Using Jet-Lag as an excuse, I find things just as I left them Friday night.

All new glass teaware: 1Step 1 (tea from last night-still good); insert the infuser / filter into main pot body & heat water: .. 2Glass teaware: I’m sold on it3Glass brings an added visual enjoyment to making tea.456This pot is perfectly sized (by volume) to one of my tea bowls .. life is indeed good, Here infusing 10yr old cooked Pu Erh tea  .. NB. I usually double filter, just a habit picked up early on when drinking Pu Erh.7