Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last lake circumnavigation for Feb 2013

DSC01490 (1024x609)Some folks just like to fishDSC01523 (1024x745)You goose the Geese, and they duck outDSC01522 (1024x400)Food vendors set up for the passing tradeDSC01525 (1024x578)

A woman's work is never done

One woman, one broom .. one VERY large amphitheater.DSC01508 (1024x755)DSC01511 (1024x653)DSC01513 (1024x698)DSC01514 (1024x768)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The early risers

When you labour by hand, best to get an early start.  Sunday? You work the land, you don’t have weekends.DSC01478 (1024x548)DSC01480 (1024x598)DSC01481 (1024x768)DSC01484 (1024x768)

Sunday afternoon with the extended Yang family

Sunday, just as we said good-bye to some long time customers, Mrs. Yang’s grandparents arrived, from Fujian province, with Li Hong .. A pair very spry 80 and 83 yr. olds.DSC01487 (1024x727)More family, more food:…….DSC01488 (1024x787)Happy to see his auntie:….DSC01485 (1024x768)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jean Arrives: 10:18am 2/23/13

Father and daughter IMG_7269 cIMG_7277 cIMG_7280 cJean and her grandmotherIMG_7261 c

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Return visit to meet with Jane

Our first business meeting after CNY .. Jane is back from BeijingDSC01477 (1024x663)This is the second time in two days I’ve see this type of Tea-Pot/Infuser.  Easy to use, clean and change tea types.  Here, Red Tea is being served.DSC01474 (1024x743)DSC01475 (955x1024)

Similar infuser used at the shop in She-Kou. This one a simple pouring vessel with no spout, just small opposing buttons on the side.  Now I’m on the hunt.DSC01466 (1024x854)DSC01466

UPDATE:  Saturday 2/23/13 .. Made a major score: Two glass teapots in Wang Jiang town .. More in separate posting.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tea Shop helper

Mommies little helper, and her friend come to help serve tea:DSC01468 (1024x768)DSC01470 (1024x768)DSC01472 (1024x768)DSC01473 (1024x768)

Evening in the tea shop

On Sunday we discovered a local tea shop. A great find. Small family shop run by a young couple from Fujian province, where their extended family grow and process Tie Guan Yin (TGY).

Monday, returning from a day in Hong Kong about 8:30pm, we sat down with some folks tasting TGY. This was the start of an hour and a half session; TGY, Red Tea and 4 types of Pu-Erh. Ending with the purchase of 500gr of Pu-Erh.

DSC01464 (1024x768)DSC01465 (1024x768)DSC01466 (1024x768)DSC01467 (1024x768)DSC01471 (1024x768)

Dancing in the dark

After a day in Hong Kong,  back in She-Kou we see a group enjoying their community exercise session.DSC01462 (1024x573)DSC01463 (1024x618)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Coming home in the early evening

Heading for the dock after a day servicing the oyster beds.DSC01461 (1024x542)DSC01459 (1024x449)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

ShenZhen,–She-Kou, local neighborhood comes to life

Store-fronts and sidewalk hawkers open for business as folks come back after time at home.DSC01441 (1024x768)DSC01442 (1024x768)DSC01443 (1024x768)DSC01444 (1024x768)Couple of local fisher women hope to sell their oysters  DSC01445 (1024x768)DSC01446 (1024x768)A Happy chap selling his pineapplesDSC01449 (1024x768)DSC01450 (1024x768)DSC01451 (1024x768)DSC01452 (1024x768)DSC01453 (1024x768)The local fishing fleet offloading their various catches.DSC01454 (1024x768)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

2-14-13 .. Lunch with friends

Flying back from Tokyo, Tim arranges to meet us in Shi Jie town, for lunch and a pleasant afternoon.  Lucky this local restaurant is open .. most folks have gone back to their home towns, for CNY.DSC01440 (1024x551)