Monday, December 10, 2012

Michel’s 6 hour race .. In France

A very cold day in France

From: Schaal, Michel
Subject: Race on the weekend.

Hello John,  I arrived 6th over 85 runners and ran 61,440km in 6 hours.

It was very cold in the morning (about 0°C) and the two first hours were difficult for my hands, even with two pairs of gloves.

I also had a problem with one of my foot (I don’t know the name in English, it’s like a bubble of water) after about 4 hours of run; but I was able to solve this by myself,  but loose about 10’.

So globally, the result is quite good.

See the attached pictures from my arrival and a few minutes after with another runner from my team who did 55,6km.097102Regards.

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