Monday, April 30, 2012

“Non-Elective” Project(s)

Typical home-owner stuff that requires immediate remedial action. Our second story copper water feed line sprung a leak. A dripping kitchen ceiling points to a problem above.
Cut an access portal in the drywall, expose and repair the offending leak.  An annoyance, but a relatively easy repair. …. But!   Prudence dictates removal of the entire ceiling. Not so Dry, drywall and insulation. Not fun but 3 pair of hands make light of it. kitcel4NOTE WELL (NB)  when it comes to hanging a drywall ceiling, HIRE A PROFESIONAL .. Our friend Jason had Javier (his drywall Artisan) come over. This guy is a gem.kitcel2Sean hung new light fixtures. kitcel1 Install a new air vent cover, and “Bob’s your Uncle”

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Projects move to the Outdoors

2012, so far has been VERY busy and taken its toll on “Elective” projects. This weekend, the new shed build finally got off to a hot (very Hot!!) start.  Great sunny clear early summer weather.
Central Workstation:..shed1Pressure treated 4x4 sub-structure .. 15' 6" x 6' (474.4cm x 182.9 cm in new money)shed2In the shade, late in the afternoon,  3/4" Tongue and Groove, provides a solid floor. Saturday its a wrap.shed3Sunday, mid-afternoon .... Typical framing for the back wall, gets started .. Game called:  “Just too Hot”shed4

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Observation Test: … How Many?

Depending on if its; One word or Two words .. How many Laptops / Lap Tops are in this picture?IMG-20120324-00027Sara has a few Birthday presents to openIMG-20120325-00028