Saturday, December 31, 2011

A look back to see an absent friend

For those that know, no captions required.DSC02969signDSC03301

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The “BEST”

The old adage: “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.”  As we each expound the various subjective virtues of one tea over another .. It is exactly that; an individual subjective preference (or rejection) of said tea.

My two favorites are now in the land of Unobtainium (less stock on hand)…. So ..2 Days, about 10 hrs of tea tasting with a goal of finding a Pu-Erh tea.   Near the end of day two (Sunday).. Mrs. Yang quietly made a pot and served it up, nothing said just filling the cups and moving on.  it was love at first sip. I could not contain my excitement and declared an unsurpassed tea was being presented to us (8 folks in total)  Needless to say we extended our say for a few more rounds.

Leaving the store Mrs. Yang gave me gift of the only box she had, with a promise of more to come.BGB

Unbiased by packaging this “Non-Pressed” tea with 10 years of maturing flavor is quite simply the best tea I have had the pleasure to drink.BGSP

Hong Kong .. In and Out

Time fly's when your having fun. Sunday and Monday in HK were, despite the cold temps (8-10), very pleasant, clear skies and clean air!!!!.

IMG-20111210-00016 Stitch Lots of news on the home front .. but more on that later ….

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Hong Kong–China–Singapore

Changes in the tea business .. Retail sales slump .. shop closures etc .. and the rise in prices with high end products being offed … a strange mix to ponder.  Lee Hong a friend of 7+ years with her “boyfriend”  He studied Tea in university and now works in the retail / teaching store in DongguanIMG-20111202-00011Saturday about noon and I am the only customer. This store is downsized by 75% from my last visit and has some of the highest price teas (Pu-erh Only) I’ve see. also a collection of very expensive Tea Pots.IMG-20111202-00012Some high price pots, prices are a function of being attributed to a master craftsman. (if you trust the printed cards) IMG-20111202-00008These two are 25,000 RMB eachIMG-20111202-00009This one is “only” 13,500 RMBIMG-20111202-00010This Pu-Erh cake not only comes in a very ornate box with lock, It has a zippered jacket, all for: 6,800RMB