Saturday, July 09, 2011

2007 Meng Ku; Sheng Pu

Continuing life on the road, I dig through my acquired booty, looking to augment my domestic travel supplies and top off my office cache. That accomplished,  I’m ready for the off, on Thursday next and I metaphorically trip over this Sheng-Pu

Not being a big fan of young Raw / Sheng Pu-erh, Mrs.Yang put this gift in amongst a purchase of my normal fair. Reporting to be a: 2007, Spring Tips, Raw Pu-erh Tea. A  400 grams Cake, comprising of; “Early Spring Leaves”  This was picked up in early 2008, just before Chinese New Year, Link to relevant posting

Being stored in So. Cal, I foresee a long aging process ahead.

Wrapper Aesthetics: This outer label presents too much, methinks. 2006 mengku2006 mengku in1The modern “Inner-Ticket”, printed on glossy paper that separates easily from the pressed leaves.  I lean to the older / cheep paper that, in part, ends up in the soup.2006 mengku in2Over the years we see many variants of Inner Tickets: Nèi fēi (内飞): Small ticket  or a Nèi piào (内票): Larger ticket  .. many now include a full on Flyer as part of the inner propaganda.

Now its time for: 亮女,我饭票 liang nu, wu fan piao (short form of: Pretty Girl,a local euphemism for waitress, my lunch receipt / ticket) 

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