Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bigger can be “Better”

Heather brought home the “Ideal Dad Gift”  Disguised in its “Camouflage” bag what could this wondrous gift be?

I am partial to a spot of High Tea, albeit I’m a Scott I prefer the “Sassenach” rendition of said repast. And Heather is a Baker held in high esteem, Cookies: .. White Chocolate, Coconut flakes, Macadamia Nuts .. heaven.  No. Plates laden with treats would not fit in this small bag .. What could it be:

It’s big,  a Plus, It’s Yellow .. so far so good:…. But First .. another weekend project Done :.. small vanity and storageDSC01157blog Looks like a 32.780mm shot gun shell … If they made such a beastDSC01159shotgun-shell-thermos-design-1

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