Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Selling RED as BLACK at 5 times the price

Mrs. Yang sports a new top: and that’s not all .. “COPY TEA”   with First rate connections in Yunnan and the family tea plantations in Fujian .. why carry this “Misrepresented tea: ……DSC01105DSC01102Packaged and sold as: “ Premium Black Ceylon Tea” The demand from western customers in this region of Dongguan ( a lot of Ex-Pats) have promoted carrying and selling these “High Priced” teas. Fortunately the tea its self is decent Chinese “RED” tea and tastes Ok. Packaged as such they sell for about 5 times that if sold as “Hong Cha” vs. “Yindi Hei Cha”  75-100gms sells for 250 - 350RMB !!! ……  DSC01103Again the “Copy merchants” propensity to misspelling  is our first clue.  DSC01102cc

This one is just crazy ..Ceylon Mango Tea in Tea Bags !!!!DSC01104

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