Friday, November 12, 2010

Out of Singapore into Hong Kong, home is nearing

This sojourn winds down ..  Not Hong Kong’s best view of sunset .. but its mine for Friday night. Kowloon looking on to HK Island.  A very hectic schedule is winding down. Multiple cities in Mainland, Hong Kong, a couple of times, Singapore,  now from HK the last leg.  Saturday its CX 884 to LAX and a short drive home. Sean had to extend his visit to Holland and Germany, returning home late Sunday evening. His visit was a resounding success and as a result I think this will be a first of many.

I hope be in the US thu the end of the year. DSC01139 Stitch

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Stieg “The Girl who kicked the Hornet’s Nest”

DSC01121c DSC01124c

Development and Bright Lights

Song Shan Lake continues to expand the developed infrastructure .. DSC01106 Stitchcrop I’ll be interested to see what events are staged at this venue in the making. DSC01109ac DSC01110I’m sure this is an attempt to conserve energy. DSC01113An eight story electronic billboard.DSC01111

Selling RED as BLACK at 5 times the price

Mrs. Yang sports a new top: and that’s not all .. “COPY TEA”   with First rate connections in Yunnan and the family tea plantations in Fujian .. why carry this “Misrepresented tea: ……DSC01105DSC01102Packaged and sold as: “ Premium Black Ceylon Tea” The demand from western customers in this region of Dongguan ( a lot of Ex-Pats) have promoted carrying and selling these “High Priced” teas. Fortunately the tea its self is decent Chinese “RED” tea and tastes Ok. Packaged as such they sell for about 5 times that if sold as “Hong Cha” vs. “Yindi Hei Cha”  75-100gms sells for 250 - 350RMB !!! ……  DSC01103Again the “Copy merchants” propensity to misspelling  is our first clue.  DSC01102cc

This one is just crazy ..Ceylon Mango Tea in Tea Bags !!!!DSC01104