Wednesday, August 25, 2010

World Wide Update: Thailand and So. Cal

From my friend in Thailand:

Hi John,

Yes, all is well here in Thailand despite some heavy rains that are causing flooding in some areas but nothing directly at where I live (a little in a few streets nearby) or where the wife and daughter are. Just last night it rained very hard here in Lamphun which is about 30km from where I live but Lamphun is where the Industrial park is located for the CM I work at. Anyway I guess the dorm area was flooded from the heavy rain last night. Attached are a few pics of many I have.

Singapore huh, too bad I'm not heading that way any time soon or we could hook up. Have safe travels my friend.

Funny you should ask about Dan, great timing as I just received an email from him last night. I'm sure he would enjoy hearing from you and the supplier as well.. I have attached his email address in the CC area so the two of you can connect..... but let me warn you, don't listen to any of his shit of how good the CU Buffs football team is as that's just a past dream he's living.....LOL

Take care and keep in touch,


DSCN3939 DSCN3942 DSCN3950

A some news on a happier front ..Ben and Ashley spend the day at our home with Auntie Robin:..

Hi John, Robin, and Heather, wanted to share the cute pix from today.  I had sooooo much fun with the kids, they were great.  Ashley helped sew her scrunchy after watching me top-stitch the suit.  Ben also helped cut threads and asked great questions.

Love to all… Robbie

 8-10 Ash and Ben 2 c8-10Ash and Ben c

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