Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Part 4, the Staff and Tea Pots

On the 2nd floor, a training session is in progress:…..s2

In this session one of the 34 staff serves tea and receives feedback from his peers and staff supervisors (the two girls in light shirts)DSC00727c

Li wraps the six cups I just purchased.  A perfect match to a tea pot I bought some 4 years back. s3

Li and No. 39 prepare to serve tea. Always with the “crazy fingers” :) :)s4 s5

A small selection of the teapots along the  back wall.    All pots are labeled and priced.tp2

Six natural bamboo form cups at 40 RMB each are a good buy. tp3

An extremely well organized collection of pots for saletp4

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