Thursday, January 21, 2010

Robbie in the Philippines with Update

All is well, Robbie is now diving in the Philippines, near Manila.  That’s only about an inch from Hong Kong .. perchance we can convene later in February :)

Map picture
Here is her first email out .. something tells me she is just a tad excited :)

I am here and all is well.  I even did the first dive which was a night dive, my first in the PI and My first night dive in 35 years!~!! HOW about that.  I am awesome LOL
Saw at least three types of nudibranch  and I found not one but two Lion fish then the guide Alexis found me a small one or two inch one.
I slept well and am enjoying my Jasmine tea overlooking the ocean with all of the group eating pre breakfast, toast and Papaya. 
Glad they helped me figure out how to get on the internet.
My love to you all

Day Two:

Hi to you all, I have had a great day, I am mainly worried that I have seen soo many creatures that they all seem to just run together. Not complaining, just very thankful for the camera.  What my brain can't remember the camera hopefully has captured.
We did two dives this morning starting out in the boat at 8 am and then two this afternoon and night starting out at 4 pm.  I just finished eating dinner, I was very hungry, now I am running out the battery on the camera and then will go to sleep.  I am very tired.  No skin bends so that is good.
I had three 80 min dives and a 67 or something, I did head into shallow water after the 40 min marker or so. 
We saw so many great things but a highlight was a frog fish, and then I saw a Whale shark and did get short video as proof only lol the quality is not great but I got it. 
Hope all is well for you and you are not drowning under toooo much rain.

Update (with some pictures)

Hi all, I have forced myself to take the evening off today, Thursday, 1-28-10.  I officially hit the wall last night and so the old brain said HEY YOU!!! You need a rest.
So the boats are just pulling out and here I am relaxing on the veranda over looking the ocean.


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Robin said...

Just found these emails and pix I sent you, what a great surprise to read them and see the pix again. Thanks for including me on the Tea Blog.