Thursday, October 15, 2009

From Taiwan with Love .. 從台灣的愛

My colleague Jeff’s (the leader of the Mt. Baldy summit team) wife is Taiwanese, and they have friends visiting from Taiwan.  This morning Jeff came in with a wonderful present of:
Taiwan “High Mountain Oolong.”   高 山 烏龍 茶DSC00396
We review and discuss the leaves, while the pot heats up and the tea breaths a little.
I made a first infusion and the day quickly evaporated .. tomorrow morning we sit and enjoy. And plan next months trip (Jeff, wife and daughter) to Taiwan.


Sean McMunn said...

You are going to Taiwan Dad?

小 約翰 said...

Hi Sean ..Not me, Jeff and his wife are going to Taiwan on vacation. Hope all is well with you

Sean McMunn said...

ya everything is going alright, glad to hear you arnt off on another oriental business trip