Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I just like buying the tools. (with update)

Spending, months / years away from home, many hobbies/passions take a back-seat. For the past two months, I’ve been working out of our main office in So.Cal., with 1-2 day short haul trips, this allows time in the work-shop.
First, a set of four tables, something simple to brush aside the cobwebs and re-vitalize dormant muscle memory. Three occasional tables, influenced by Mission / Arts & Craft design.  My personal challenge is for style similarity but distinctive designs for each. Design using existing wood supplies, augmented by a few judicious purchases. 
Occasional tables: we need three, not a room architectural statement,  just a practical need.   Here Ethan gives the first table a work out:
Table #2
tb2 and #3 (not quite finished.. slow day for puns)
DSC00279 Euphemistically termed a “coffee table”, we need but one.  Last year in France, inspiration from furniture  in Bruno’s office, I shall incorporate this detail…….
The granite in Roger’s office is too cold.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy, just plain busy

So far this summer, travel schedules are very heavy.. Heather, two weeks in New England /Cape Cod. (hard life)  Robbie's has about 25 trips to: Santa Catalina Island, I’m up and down the coast to: San Francisco & Eugene Oregon.
Thursday past, Tim and Eric visited from Taiwan, good having friends stay at your home (many thx for the Oolong :)).   Tea consumption is at an all time high, so stock replenishment is appreciated .. also famous: Taiwan Pineapple cakes :)
Saturday; Pool and BBQ, we had friends and family over. Heather goes back to Hawaii, Thursday July 30th.
Ethan keeps Sean and Heather on their toes
seh John, Ethan and Ben keep cool.
Discovering the meaning of life. (in the shade)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Monkeying about … the tea-pot

Dave stopped in this morning, and was intrigued by my office tea-pot.  One of the “Monkey Pots”  Organic styling and natural playfulness of the subject matter make these pots fun to use.
Tie Guan Yin being served. This Pot has been in service, about 6 years now.
a1x All three of the pots were purchased in Dongguan. Once I purchased the first one, Mrs. Yang picked up two more, and they went the way of the first.
The other two in the collection.