Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Night .. Back in Colorado !!!

Family update:
Friday evening, Sean came down for a long weekend, back to PUC Sunday morning.
No SCUBA for Robbie, a weather front hit Southern California, Friday afternoon .. that, coupled with Sean’s visit, she cancelled her planned boat dive.
For me:
Well no sooner good-by, than hello … an all too short week at home and its back to Colorado …. Sunday afternoon flight gets me logged by 7:30pm.

One interesting visit, last Thursday, I hosted Dr. Cai, from a large Chinese Energy Company, with a reciprocal visit to; Beijing in early March.

This is stacking up to be a week of diversity. Monday and Tuesday are (in plan) all at sixes and sevens… Wednesday, a half-day trip to Northern California, returning to Colorado later that night.

I have a fight home on Saturday Feb 14th. .. fingers crossed.


謏 約翰 said...
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Robin said...

I know I read this post last week. ?? Nothing new, thought there was?? Maybe I need to turn off the computer?? I am always just that little bit off.
Happy safe landing
Love ya Me