Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday .. An at home, Tea drinking day.

Monday, I played truant (Plunk is the regional (Ayrshire) Scottish expression) .. A wet miserable day in So. Cal.

Last week,while in Colorado, a friend (Brian) passed on some tea he picked up in Hong Kong. A nice windfall .. today is a perfect day to set up, and enjoy tea in front of a log fire.

View from the tea room .. wet and overcast.Same weather out the kitchen window ...On the far Left, the TGY, from Brian, that proved to be very good. on the Far right the Lychee tea for George. In the center a surprise....
TGY, Nice full leavesThe surprise package was Tea of a Sort .. Dried pumpkin seeds mixed with some Oolong tea.. a new one on me.Everything in place: Brew-Drink-Nap... Nap-Brew-Drink-.. Nap zzzzzzzzz
Back to Colorado on Wed. .. that's tomorrow !!!!

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Robin said...

Okay, all is as it should be. Almost done with Ashlee's dress, a nice calm afternoon.
Safe drive and have a productive trip.
Love ya me