Monday, December 08, 2008

One from the Warm Side - Thailand

My friend Rick just sent a note ... before I opine on the how cold it is here .. I'll share some of Rick's news from Thailand...

.... "Even though it is winter here in Thailand I’m still wearing T-shirts and shorts.
But many Thais are wondering around in coats, sweaters, and hats.
Actually here in Chiang Mai winter time is pleasant unlike other areas of Thailand where it is either hot or hotter.
The nice part about winter time is that I don’t need the fan or AC to get to sleep at night…haha

The wife and daughter are doing well, thanks for asking. We will travel to our place in Surin providence the last few weeks in this month.
The company here is shutting down for the end of the year and we’ll go back to check in on our store/apartment as well as visiting with the wife’s family and relatives.
The only dreaded thing for me is that it’s almost a 1000 kilometer drive (one way). No flights in that direction and we could take a bus but it’d take twice as long so I will just drive it.
I feel more comfortable driving now that I obtained a Thai drivers license.
I had to take both the written test and driving test. Actually I had to take the written test twice as I flunked it the first time. Little did I know there would be questions about tanks on the streets… (Chit you not).

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