Sunday, October 05, 2008

Paris - Boston to LA

Sunday- is an all day travel day .. a heavy gray sky covers all of Paris with moderate rain in most parts. Its a about 27 hrs all in before I get home ... so sit back and relax.
I have a new pot of Oolong ready for the flight .. bring on the hot water ..

Outside door #11 (my home in Combreux)Dramatic lighting across the Loire river
Moss on a high wall
Resting in an old barn .. not everything is a diamond in the ruff .. this old 2CV will never see the roads again ..?


Sean McMunn said...

Looks like that car's been there a while hahaha

謏 約翰 said...

Hi Sean, a couple of old cars and a rusty old bike .. almost missed them .. got great pics of the old barn. Looks like Mom had a great time diving six dives in two days. I'll be home about mid-night Sunday. FYI Robin got the LEDs system delivered .. I'll send pics.

Sean McMunn said...

WoW!!!! I cant wait to see the LEDs system, sounds like a lot happend the last 2 weeks