Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend at home

Just got home last Thursday afternoon .. and heading back to France on Tuesday ( 9/30 @ 4am) .. this weekend was spend odd-jobbing" around the Hacienda.
Sewing and Tea rooms; ready for flooring then its; just add furniture.

Soon our: tea and tea paraphernalia collection ,will have a place to call home .. can't wait

Robbie made fantastic progress last month when I was absent .. Richard and his home boys (all from Fiji) finished up the front patio ... still some; plantings, walls and fencing to go, but getting close.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Summer sticking around in So.Cal.

My last 3 weeks in France saw summer slipping out the back door and my last visit to north eastern Mass. saw mixed weather.
Meanwhile, at home in So. Cal, summer is getting stronger .. hot bright clear days, despite the shorting days.I spent Tue & Wed in the Denver CO. area, Thur. was a 1/2 day trip to San Diego. Now I hope to get a few days at home before a quick trip to France next week for a few days ..
Heather made it back to Hawaii on Sunday:...
I did manage a day in the office last week, just enough time to move and setup my "tea area" in process ...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Modern - Tea Mule Road

"I have People" just as in ancient times, Tea meandered its way from China to the west.
Now, a call to a friend in WuXi, they visit with Da Xia.. she puts a care package together, a colleague (aka, Tea Mule) hand carries (via 747) back the package...
TGY and Pu-Erh . many thx to Da Xia for knowing what I like ..

S.A.T.- UR- D.A.Y. night .. party

Heather and her friends:...Mr. Party animal ...

Party Saturday afternoon

Saturday, we had 11 friends over for a family party .. Ethan was the star . a happy John and JolinaThe crew on deck:...
Heather! don't take my picture:....
Maria and Trevor:...

Back in the "OC"

With Heather in the mainland for a week (back to Hawaii on Sunday) and Sean going back, Sr. year, on Sunday .. we managed a lunch with some friends on Friday ..
Anna, Mary Jo, Sean &; Heather..Robbie and Judy ..
Mike, Robbie - Mike 2 and Jackie

Monday, September 15, 2008

Feng Shui in Chelmsford ??

A new restaurant:
FENG SHUI in Chelmsford, a really peaceful and friendly place, decor blends the five elements of Feng Shui (metal 金, wood 木, water 水, fire 火 and earth 土) together without going over the top.
The staff will speak Chinese with you (despite my bad pronunciation) a little out of practice .. about 4 months since I’ve been in China. Last night,7 of us had a large variety of Sushi and about 9 Chinese dishes .. all First Rate.

New England - Massachusetts, Manchester

Manchester by the Sea .. a wet Sunday morning .. a few locals hang out at this cove hopping for a break in the weather.
Mould / lichen , nice on boulders .. character when its on an outdoor bench

New England - Massachusetts, Beverly

Across the bridge from Salem, you enter Beverly .. Looking back to Salem (power plant not so nice but a fact of life)

New England - Massachusetts, Salem

A quite bay in Salem .. away from the historic town center and Witch Trial museum ...

New England - Massachusetts, Marblehead

The "Neck" in Marblehead.

New England - Massachusetts, Nahant

A little island, with a BIG attitude .. visitors NOT welcome .. a very clannish place. Beautiful none the less. "For Local People"